Jacket Spud & cowboy hotpot

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Baked potato cooked in a fire with bacon, beans and hot dog saugages


fire ( wood, kindle, matches)
bucket of water ( emergency and to put out fire)
Fire blanket
potato (1 per person)
tin foil
tin of baked beans ( allow 1/3rd of a can per person)
tin of hot dog sausages
grated cheese
billy can
knife (cut sausages 1st to avoid contamination of raw bacon)
wooden spoon
plate to eat food


Light your fire and make sure you have a bucket of cold water and fire blanket next to it
wrap the potato in 2 layers of tin foil and place in the fire to cook (if short of time cook in oven 1st and just reheat in the fire)
chop the sausages into bite size pieces and set aside
now chop bacon and fry in billy can until cooked
add the sausages and beans and heat gently until hot
potatoes will take over an hour from raw or 15 minutes to reheat
when potato's are ready cut and fill with the hot pot and top with grated cheese.


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