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Using tights, compost and grass seed, grow your own snake/caterpillar


One leg of a pair of tights (fine denier to let the grass grow through), string, compost, pipe cleaners, grass seed, googly eyes


Mix the compost and grass seed together (use yourcommon sense as to ratios). Roll the leg of the tights down so that you can fill it from the 'foot' up. Spoon the compost mix in, creating one segment of the caterpillar. Use some string to tie off that segment. Repeat this until you reach the end of the tights and tie off.

Stick the googly eyes to the front of the caterpillar. Use pipe cleaners to make antennae. Wrap one pipe cleaner round your finger to make a spiral. Poke one end of the spiral into the caterpillars head - repeat with the other pipe cleaner.

Job done.

Make sure to water your caterpillars every day, grass seed is very thirsty!


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