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This is a "beginners" pioneering project, requiring the Scouts to know how to tie only two knots. A group size of 5 is ideal, up to 7 will still work.


Rope (thin)
Pioneering Poles (3 per small group)


- Make sure the Scouts know how to tie a clove hitch and a round turn and two half hitches
- Give the group three pioneering poles and three lashing lengths
- Lay the poles on the ground, parallel to each other; the distance between the centre pole and the outer poles should be the same as the shoulder height of the smallest young person in the group
- Find the middle of each lashing length, and use it to tie a clove hitch around the centre pole; one should be tied at the centre of the pole, the other two approximately 30cm (a ruler length) in from each end
- Keeping the distance between the poles correct, tie one end of each lashing length to each outer pole, using a round turn and two half hitches
- If there is any trailing rope, tie it around the outer poles, using half hitches
- Check all the knots have been tied correctly.
- The smallest member of each group should be the first rider; everyone else becomes a carrier, with at least two young people on each outer pole.
- The rider stands astride the central pioneering pole, just behind the centre knot
- The carriers lift the outer poles, so that the rope goes taut but the centre pole remains on the ground, and holds them about 1 metre apart.
- The rider now holds the outer poles, and steps on to the centre pole, with one foot in front of, and the other behind, the centre knot
- The rider controls the lift, counting 1-2-3
- On 3, everyone lifts the outer poles about 5cm, raising the centre pole just off the ground
- Carry the chariot and rider to the other side of the activity area
- The rider controls the set-down, counting 1-2-3
- On 3, everyone lowers the outer poles about 5cm, so that the centre pole rests on the ground and the rider can safely step off
- Swap around, so that everyone gets a turn at being the rider


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