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Wet relay game


What you need:
· 2 buckets per team; one filled with water.
· 1 plastic bag per team.


Put a bunch of pin holes in the plastic bag.
The groups line up sitting down, one in front of the other, so that they are facing the back of the person in front of them.
The bucket that is full of water goes behind the last person; the empty bucket goes in front of the first person.
When the race starts, the first person takes the bag to the back bucket, fills it with water and then tries to get the water to the front bucket, but it has to be carried over the head of his / her team. He / she dumps the water that is left into the front bucket. The line shifts up and the first person sits at the back.
The winner is whatever group has the most water in their bucket after the pre-determined amount of time. Make sure that groups are not cheating by covering the holes – it might be best to say that they are only allowed to use one hand when passing the bag!


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