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Planning a two day menu including two breakfast options, two lunches and two dinners in groups. Cooking method should be considered as well as a shopping list, equipment list and a discussion of what makes a balanced meal. Leaders will choose one meal out of this plan for the scouts to cook on camp.


pens, paper, recipes (provided by leaders), blackboard, food wheel handouts


Begin with a group discussion about what makes a balanced meal, and why it is important to design healthy meals. Using recipes scouts are then to work in their groups to come up with a balanced weekend menu including two breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Leaders to check that recipes and techniques are suitable for a camp environment and for dietary requirements of the group.

After menu is agreed they are to split into pairs to write out a shopping list, equipment list and brief method for the meal we have chosen. Leaders will only buy ingredients on the list, and they will only have their own written method to use as a guide for next week.


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