Wet tip Frisbees

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In teams of Four. Player has to throw a Frisbee to the opposing team who have to tip it for one of their players to catch. You can tip the frisbee by either using your Head, Foot or hands. Player catching the Frisbee has to catch it with one hand. If younger children could have a two handed catch. Then the Team that had to catch then throw to the opposing team. Put a time limit on it or first Team to say 20.


Wet Sponge Frisbee; Water; Scorer


Also see Brief description. 1 tip and a catch equals 1 point. You can tip to a teammate who can tip it again to another to catch for a total 2 points (1+1) etc. If no catch is made then the points don’t count. The catching team will then throw to the other team for a chance to score. A hand-tip is 1 point, a foot-tip is 2 points, and a head-tip is 3 points. You can tip as many times as long as it results in a one-handed catch. If younger children could have a two handed catch. Remember to soak the sponge Frisbee between throws so everyone gets wet.


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