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1. Discover what Brownies were originally called and when they began


 How Guiding began question sheet Download Attached File


This activity will introduce facts about the History of Guiding to the Unit

Tell the Unit a little about how Brownies and Guide were formed using the sheet overleaf for your information.

Ask the Brownies to form a circle. Walk around the circle naming the Brownies in turn
Lord Baden Powell - Agnes – Lady Olave Baden Powell
Girl Guides - Brownies – Rosebuds
Read the questions out loud from the sheet overleaf. When the answer is Rosebud etc the relevant Brownies get up and run around the circle and return to their space.

Discuss with the Brownies what they have learnt and ask if they have any questions

Acknowledgement Lua Clarke


  • Baden Powell
  • Brownie Guides
  • History of Guiding
  • Rosebuds

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