IGG PATHFINDER: Becoming a Guide 01

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Know and understand the Guide Promise


Materials Needed

Set of cards with words of the Guide Promise for each Patrol or group

A copy of the Guide Promise for each Patrol or group
Template uploaded


The Guide Promise
“I promise on my honour to do my best to do my duty to my God* and my country, to help other people at all times and to obey the Guide Law”
* The word "God" may be replaced by the word "faith" according to one's spiritual beliefs.
Explain and discuss the Guide Promise with Guides.

Divide Guides into groups or Patrols if doing with Unit

Put the words of the Promise at one end of the hall

Put the template print out (blank version) with the main group for them to put the words on once they get them.

In turn, each Guide runs up, picks up a piece and brings it back to the group/Patrol
Continue until all pieces are collected
Guides make the Promise using the words


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