IGG PATHFINDER: Becoming a Guide 04

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Take part in an activity to show you understand the Promise and Law. (Snakes and Ladders)


Materials Needed
Per Patrol
Counters (or use card of different colours to make)
Copy of Snakes and Ladder Board (see uploaded file)
Make question cards –
suggestions in template (uploaded file)
Alternate: Card and markers for Guides to make numbers 1 to 100


This game is a great way to recap on the Promise and Law.
On the uploaded file is a Snakes and Ladders game and a set of question cards. You need one copy of each for each Patrol or group.

Ask the Guides to make their own Board or use sample in uploaded file
Throw a 6 to start
When you start, read out the words as you move from square to square
When landing on a square with either a ladder end or snake head, pick a card. Referring to the parts of the Guide Law,
determine if that part of the law is being followed. If yes, go up the ladder, if no, go down the snake
The first Guide to reach ‘Promise and Law’ star is the winner

As it is just for fun,it is good for the Guides to continue to play until all have reached the Promise
and Law star

Alternative version
Ask the Guides to make a Snakes and Ladders board out of card and mark each card from 1 –100
Lay out on the floor of your meeting venue
They can use themselves as counters
No 2 players can be on the same square (The player landing misses a turn)


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