IGG PATHFINDER: Becoming a Guide 06

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Know the names of the other Branches in IGG
Introduction : To familiarise the Guides with all the Branches of IGG


Materials Needed
4 cards with Branch information
4 blank cards and markers for each Patrol
Quiz questions


To start, either give cards with Branch information to Guides to read over or show cards to Guides and have senior Guides read out information.
Divide Guides into Patrols
Give each Patrol 4 blank cards and ask them to make a card for each Branch i.e.
Ladybird, Brownie, Guide and Senior Branch
Leader reads out questions and Patrol discuss and decide which card to hold up
You could ask Patrol Leaders to make up extra questions and intersperse with questions below. Here are some suggestions for a
quiz with your Guides.
Questions and (Answers):
1.Who wears a red sweatshirt?(Ladybirds)
2.Who can travel abroad? (Guides and Senior Branch)
3.Who dances around a toadstool?(Brownies)
4.What is the name of the Branch after Guides? (Senior Branch)
5.Who goes on pack holiday?(Brownies)
6.Who wears a navy and green hoodie?(Senior Branch)
7.Which Branch can you join when you are 14? (Senior Branch)
8.Who wears a navy neckerchief? (Ladybirds and Brownies)
9.What is the name of the youngest members of IGG? (Ladybirds)
10.What Branch do you join after Guides? (Senior Branch)


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