IGG PATHFINDER: Becoming a Guide 09

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Keep a record of Good Turns carried out for a week
To give the Guides an understanding of the principle of a ‘Good Turn’ and how it is an integral part of the Guide programme.


Materials Needed
An elephant template(uploaded file) per Guide
Optional: string


Explain and discuss with the Guides what a good turn is. A good turn is not a job for which you are paid or a household chore which is your
turn to do e.g. washing the dishes, emptying the bin or making your bed. A Good Turn is something you do without being asked or without taking any payment. This does not have to be a very big task, it could be walking your neighbour’s dog, helping a grandparent with their garden, picking up litter etc.
There are many ways in which a Guide can keep a record but one suggestion is a Good Turn elephant. This is useful as the Guides can
remember the saying ‘an elephant never forgets’ to help them remember to do their Good Turn every day.
Using the template on next page print onto card. Each day the Guides should make a note of their Good Turn on the back of the
elephant. They can then discuss this with a Leader at Guides the following week.
Optional: Guides can cut out and attach a piece of string to make the elephant’s tail. Each day when they have remembered to do their
Good Turn they tie a knot in the elephant tail as well as making a note of their Good Turn on the back of the elephant.


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