IGG PATHFINDER: Becoming a Guide 12

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Wear your official Guide uniform
Discuss with the Guides why it is important for us to wear our uniform.
Talk about the second Guide Law ‘A Guide is Loyal’ –showing loyalty to Guiding by wearing your uniform correctly.




When you are doing roll call each week check that the Guides are in uniform. You can ask each Patrol Leader to check the Guides in her
Patrol. Uniform
Blue t-shirt with a pink stripe and pink logo or pink t-shirt with a blue stripe and blue logo and
Blue hoodie with pink lining and pink logo and
Blue or pink bag with IGG name and logo on one side and room for displaying badges on the plain side
Guide neckerchief with blue and pink celtic knots on a white background worn with a black leather woggle
Plain navy or dark blue trousers/jeans/tracksuit bottoms or Guide skirt


  • IGG
  • pre-enrolment
  • sash
  • uniform

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