St Patrick's Day

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Make a Shamrock paper chain


White and or green paper/card. scissors, glitter, tissue paper, pencils


Fold the white paper into a concertina. will link together when it’s unfolded.
Draw a Shamrock shape on the front
of the paper or use the Shamrock
template on the third page. Make
sure the Shamrock sides touch the
folded edges of your paper so they
Cut out the Shamrock shape. You can
then unfold the Shamrock paper chain.
Decorate the Shamrocks however you
like! Colour them in with pens or
pencils, stick green tissue paper on
them. You could even sprinkle them
with glitter to make them sparkle! If
you like you can simply cut out the
pictures and shapes on the last 2
pages and stick them on.


  • beliefs and Attitudes
  • creative
  • follow instructions
  • follow themes
  • Make things

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