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3. Take part in a Brownie Guide Ring and Brownie Bells




The Brownies will learn the Brownie opening and closing songs.
As a Leader you may choose to teach both the opening and closing song explicitly to your pre-enrolment Brownies or alternatively the pre-enrolment Brownies will learn the songs gradually, week by week, as they hear the rest of the Pack singing the songs.

Note: Various groups may choose to perform these songs in a variety of ways. Below is an outline of how most Brownie Units perform the songs.

Brownie Guide Ring Song
“We’re the Brownies here’s our aim,
Lend a hand and play the game.”
Repeat 2 - 3 times

Optional: The Tweenie song could also be sung at this time for Brownies not yet enrolled.

“We’re the Tweenies as you see
Someday Brownies we will be.”

The song is sung in a circle and the Brownies skip around clockwise as they sing. The Brownies may change direction after singing song once and skip in an anti-clockwise direction (change direction each time the song is song).

Brownie Bells
(Tune: Westminister Chimes)
“Oh hear us now, thy children call,
Grant us thy peace and bless us all,
Good night/good day.”

Again this song is sung while standing in a circle with the Brownies. They all cross their arms leaving their right hand on top and join baby fingers with the Brownies standing on either side of them.


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