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5. Know how Brownie Guides got their name




This activity will help the Brownies understand how Brownies got
their name.


Get the Brownies together in a Pow Wow and read the story:

At first when the Girl Guides were started only older girls could
belong. But, very soon, younger girls wanted to join.
They wanted to do the same interesting things that the older girls
were doing.
The name chosen for these new younger Guides was Rosebuds.
The girls did not really like the name – all rosebuds do is look
pretty and smell sweet.
So Lord Baden Powell, who started both Scouts and Guides, thought about it.
He remembered the fairy tales he had read when he was a young boy.
In the stories there were magical people who were called Brownies.
The Brownies were happy little people who helped others.
Lord Baden Powell decided that he had found the perfect
name for the younger Guides.
Of course Brownies was the new name and this time the girls were very pleased.

Discuss the story with the Brownies to show what we have in common
with Brownies around the world…where we came from, what we do,
how we wear a uniform, how we all celebrate World Thinking Day.


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