IGG DETECT: Becoming a Brownie Guide 08

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8. Know the Brownie Guide Law (Card and Good Turn House)


See attached file for templates

Card to write suggestions for Brownie Law
Sheet of paper for each Brownie


Brownie Guide Law
A Brownie Guide thinks of others before herself
and does a Good Turn every day.

A Brownie thinks of others before herself...

Make cards with suggestions like these:
• Makes her bed before going to school
• Feeds her pet without being reminded
• Looks for a place where she can be seen before crossing the road
• Puts her name on her school work
• Doesn't drop her litter on a country walk
• Stops to smile and have a few words with old Mrs X
• Let her little brother borrow her ball

You will be able to think of other applicable sentences.
Give each Brownie in the group a card and let them answer "Who is the Brownie thinking of?" in each case.

...and does a Good Turn every day.

Make a Good Turn House
The House template on the next page can be used or the Brownies can draw their own.
• Fold a piece of stiff paper in half and draw a house so that the top of the roof is along the fold in the paper (1)
• Cut the house out so that it is double and flaps up (2)
• Colour the front of the house
• Now open the house out and divide the inside into rooms (3)
• The Brownie can then take this home and fill in her Good Turns - a suitable one for each room

Other ideas
• Write the words of the Brownie Law on different coloured paper and cut each one into eight or nine pieces. Mix up all the pieces in the centre of the group. Working in pairs, let each pair gather a specific colour and put them in the correct order
• Make copies of the sheet ‘The Brownie Guide Law ' (next page) for the Brownies to complete


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