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11.Use your Brownie Guide Smile


Words of Brownie Smile song


To show how important it is to use your Brownie Guide Smile at all times.

Hand out the words of the Brownie Smile song and teach the Brownies the words of the song. There are several different tunes to this song and many of them can be found on www.youtube.com – search for ‘Brownie Guide smile’.

Brownie Smile song
I’ve got something in my pocket, it belongs across my face,
and I keep it very close to me, in a most convenient place.

I’m sure you couldn’t guess it, if you guessed a long long while,
so I’ll take it out and put it on, it’s a great big Brownie smile!

After you have taught the Brownies, get them to sing it as a group.

Play a game called: Throwing the Smile
Sit in a circle where everyone can see each other. One person is 'it'. 'It' smiles widely and everyone else is sad. 'It" uses her hand to wipe off her smile and throws it to another player who has to catch the smile and put it on. Repeat to someone else. The only person who can smile is 'it'. Everyone else is stone-faced. Anyone who laughs, smiles, smirks, etc. when not 'it' is out.

Alternative game called: “Honey I love you”
Sit in a circle where everyone can see each other. One person is ‘it’. ‘It’ smiles widely and dramatically, looks directly at ‘her target Brownie’ and says “Honey I love you”. Her target does not smile (or tries not to smile) and replies equally and as dramatically “Honey I love you but I just can’t smile”. If there is no smile or laugh ‘it’ continues to the next Brownie. If, however, there is a smile from her ‘target’ she then becomes ‘it’. Play continues until all Brownies have had a turn being targeted.

Discuss with the Brownies the importance of smiling even when it can be difficult. Ask them to talk about ways they can use their Brownie smile.


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