IGG EXPLORE: Compulsory Challenge 02 GUIDING

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Find out what WAGGGS stands for, how many countries are members and colour the WAGGGS World Flag


Per Six
- Copy of World Flag (needs to be cut in advance)
- Dice (Total of 6 dice)

Templates in attached file


The Brownies should be able to recognise the various parts of the World Flag and know some basic facts about WAGGGS.

In advance cut up one flag per six: 1 white box, 3 yellow squares, 1 compass needle, 2 stars, 1 yellow circle with World Badge and blue background.
Have a discussion with the Brownies about WAGGGS and include some basic facts about the association.
· WAGGGS stands for World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts
· There are 10 million members of WAGGGS
· 146 countries are members of WAGGGS
· The World Flag is used by WAGGGS

Show the Brownies the World Flag and explain the different sections.
· The blue background represents all the children of the world
· The white corner represents WAGGGS commitment to peace
· The yellow blocks represent the three parts of the Promise
· The compass needle represents the compass pointing the way
· The stars represent the Promise and Law
· The golden Trefoil represents the sun

The Brownies will then be divided up into their Sixes and given a set of jigsaw pieces, a dice and a scorecard per Six.

The Brownies take it in turns to roll the dice and, depending on what number they roll, they get a piece of the flag.
Throw 1 for white corner
Throw 2 for yellow blocks
Throw 3 for compass needle
Throw 4 for each star (x2)
Throw 5 for yellow circle with World Badge
Throw 6 for blue background

Play continues until each Six has all the pieces they need to make up the flag.


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