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Find out about the importance of recycling and anti-littering (Recycle Game)


For each Six
- Copy one each of the 5 sheets (in attached file) onto card
- Print and Cut out the 4 recycling bins and assemble 1 bin for non-recyclable items. Cut out the 48 squares with the pictures of ‘rubbish and litterbugs’

Optional: laminate bins and cards

Sheets for each Six are included in the attached file


This activity will help the Brownies learn about recycling and how to fill recycling bins correctly.

A group discussion about recycling should take place before the relay game begins. The Brownies can first tell what different bins they have at home and school and what items go in each bin. For the purpose of this game there is no compost bin.

Recycle Game

Give each Six one full set:
· 4 recycling bins: (1 paper/cardboard/tetra pack, 1 clothing, 1 glass, 1 cans/plastic bottles
· Pictures for recycling: 9 Clothes, 9 Glass, 9 Cans and Plastic Bottles, 9 Paper, Tetra Packs and Cardboard, 6 Litterbugs and 6 items for the rubbish bin

The non-recyclable items are: Fish Bone, Apple Core, Broken Teapot, Marrow Bone, Aerosol Can and Broken Toy.

It is advisable to write the name of each Six on the back of each bin and picture before you laminate and cut to make sorting and storing easier.

In the middle of each Six place bins face up and the 48 pictures face down. Starting with the youngest and playing in a clockwise direction they must turn up the cards one at a time. For each picture they must decide which bin it should go into. If they turn up a ‘litterbug’ there is a forfeit!

The forfeit possibilities are endless – these are just ideas.

Option 1: Empty their fullest recycling bin and replay the cards
Option 2: Every member of the Six must get up and run around the edge of the hall and back to their place
Option 3: Six must stand up and sing in their loudest voices their Six song or the Brownie Song or Brown Owl’s favourite song

There is also the option of not giving each Six a non-recycling bin but putting one in the centre of the room. When the Brownies turn up one of the pictures for that bin they have to run into the centre with it.


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