IGG EXPLORE: Compulsory Challenge 10 LIFESKILLS

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Make a pattern you like. Use your design in a practical way e.g. book cover/wrapping paper


Wrapping paper
Paper, supplies depending on method being used
Gift wrapping
Wrapping paper, tape, scissors (optional bow or ribbon)


Brownies get the chance to design their own wrapping paper and learn how to wrap a present correctly.

Depending on what method you decide to use to decorate the wrapping paper you may need to complete this activity over a few meetings or at a day out/Pack Holiday in order for the wrapping paper to have dried in time.

You could choose to complete this activity around a special event e.g. Mother's Day, Valentine's Day or Christmas.


Below are some examples of how to decorate the wrapping paper. Feel free to use your imagination in the decoration method you choose.
A. Glue string on to a piece of card to make a pattern, this will be used as a stamp. When the glue is dry, dip the stamp into paint and press it onto paper. Leave the paper to dry.
B. Wrap string around empty tin cans. Glue the string in place and again use as a stamp. First rolling the can in paint and then rolling on a sheet of paper. Leave the paper to dry.
C. Using markers and colouring pencils draw some patterns/pictures on the sheet of paper which is to be used as wrapping paper.
D. Place a sheet of paper into a baking tray/lid of a box. Squeeze 3/5 stripes of different coloured paint on the sheet of paper. Place marbles into the box as well and allow the

Brownies to roll the marbles around in the paint by tilting the box. If you are worried the marbles will fall out you can cover the box with cling film. Leave the paper to dry.

Once your wrapping paper is ready to use, get a regular shaped gift/box to wrap. A square or rectangular gift will be easiest for the Brownies to wrap.


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