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Learn about different cultures and religious festivals around the world (Cultural/Religious Festival, Memory Game )


A blank grid for the Brownies to record their new facts (A sample grid is in attached file)
1 IGG’s Outreach Pack (available online)

* This challenge can be part of the Brownie Discovering Faiths Interest Badge


This activity will teach your Brownies about some of the different cultural and religious festivals which are found around the world for example Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Chinese New Year, Ramadan and Diwali. It will also help them to understand why different cultures celebrate different festivals.

Note: If you have Brownies from different cultures in your Pack this is a perfect opportunity to give them a chance to share information with the rest of the Pack.

· Place the Brownies in their Sixes for this activity. Give each Six basic information on one cultural/religious festival from around the world. (A sample sheet is in the attached file)
· The Sixes are each given three minutes to remember as many facts as they can about their festival
· The Sixes will then take it in turns to stand up and teach the other Brownies what they have learnt about the festival
· After listening to all Sixes the Brownies individually or as a Six complete the blank grid with one fact they remember about each event

Ask your Brownies what they thought about the different festivals. Do any of them celebrate any of the festivals? Does anyone in their class celebrate the festivals? Which would the Brownies most like to celebrate and why?

IGG Outreach Pack Section 3 contains different cultural facts and information plus sheets containing information about various festivals (a sample one is in the attached file).


  • acceptance
  • Brownie Challenge 2018-2019
  • culture
  • diversity
  • faith
  • global awareness
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  • inclusion
  • religion
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