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Know the names of the World Centres and where they are


A copy of the World Centre Action Story (attached file) for game 2


This activity will help the Brownies to have a better understanding of WAGGGS and the World Centres. It requires memory and listening skills from the Brownies in order to be able to complete the game.

Explain to the Brownies that there are girls just like them all over the world who love going to Brownies every week. All of the Ladybirds, Brownies, Guides, Senior Branch members and Leaders all over the world are part of one big family called WAGGGS. The stands for the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.

You can then explain that there are very special places in the world called World Centres. The Brownies are going to get to play an action game about the World Centres.

The Leader reads the story and stops at the appropriate words for the Brownies to complete the actions.

Game No 1: World Centre Fruit Salad
The game can be included as part of the World Thinking Day ceremony
· Firstly have a brief discussion about the World Centres and where they are
· Each Brownie is given the name of a World Centre (Pax Lodge, Our Chalet, Our Cabana and Sangam)
· One player goes into the centre and her chair is removed
· The Leader calls out the name of a World Centre and each Brownie with that Centre must change seats. The Brownie in the middle tries to get into one of the empty seats
· The Leader calls out World Centres and everyone must move
· To make it more challenging the Leader can call out the country rather than the name of the centre e.g. Mexico

Game No 2 - story is included in attached file: Brownies are not allowed to travel outside Ireland, so you should advise them before you begin that this is just a story and perhaps when they are Guides they could visit one of the World Centres. Explain the actions to the Brownies and practice making them before the story is read.


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