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Discuss with your Leader what to do if you were lost in a shopping centre, on a street or outdoors and know how to make an emergency phone call (Role Play)




This activity ensures Brownies are aware of what to do if they get lost in different scenarios and how to call the emergency services.

Introduce scenarios of different locations where the Brownies may get lost and various steps they could take, depending on the location for example:
· Shopping Centre- Go to a member of staff in the shop or to the security desk if they know where it is. Tell the adult their name and that they are lost and give them their parent’s mobile number if they know it
· On the street
· Outdoors
· Fire
· On holiday in a country where they don’t speak English

In their Six the Brownies could role play what they would do in the different emergency situations.

Emergency phone call
We encourage the Brownies to learn the 112 emergency number.
112 is the pan European number and works the same as 999.
How to call emergency services? Dial 112, ask the operator for theservice you require (Fire, Ambulance, Gardaí.)

When the emergency service answers, tell them:
· Your own name
· The number of the phone you are ringing from
· Where you are
· What has happened
· Who is injured
· How many people need help
· Listen to the person on the other end of the phone and don’t hang up until they tell you


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