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Teach a song to new Brownie Guides (A Little Budgerigar)


Optional: Brownie Action Song DVD, Brownie Song Book.


The aim of this activity is to teach new Brownies a song which the rest of the Unit are already familiar with.

You, as a Leader, may pick the song to be taught or you could let the Brownies pick their favourite song. It is a good idea to ensure that it is a song which the Unit sings regularly e.g. on Pack Holidays, at days out.

A sample song is included below. However any song may be used for this activity.

A Little Budgerigar
(This song can be repeated using different accents)
I am a little budgerigar,
With a big tummy ache,
‘Cos the people that I live with
Are so stingy.
They give me herring every day,
And I don’t like that no way,
Yes I’d rather,
Yes I’d rather,
Coca-Cola and ice cream.


  • Brownie Challenge 2018-2019
  • IGG
  • singing
  • song

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