IGG DISCOVER: Becoming a Ladybird Guide 08

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Know the Ladybird Guide Motto and Ladybird prayer


Bowl of popcorn or sweets

Safety note: please check in advance if any of your Ladybirds has an allergy


Motto: Ladybirds Care and Share

Remind the Ladybirds of their Motto. Before you play the game discuss what is meant by caring and sharing. Ask the Ladybirds to think of ways they care and share already. Introduce the Ladybird Prayer and discuss with the Ladybirds what it means.

Ladybirds sit in a circle. The bowl of popcorn/sweets is passed around from one to another while the song is being sung. Whoever has the bowl when the song finishes offers some popcorn/sweets to the Ladybird sitting to her right. That Ladybird then goes and sits in the middle of the circle and the bowl is passed around again. The game continues until everyone has some popcorn/sweets.

Ladybirds Care (to the tune of ‘This Old Man’)

Ladybirds Care,
Ladybirds Share,
With other Ladybirds,

So come and join us
And you’ll see
Ladybirds is the
Place to be.

We are Ladybirds
This we pray
Make us better every day,
Kind and helpful
In all we do,
Loving others just like you.
We are Ladybirds every day,
We keep our Promise
Come what may.


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