IGG DISCOVER: Becoming a Ladybird Guide 09

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Know the names for different Ladybird Leaders e.g. Coccinella


Blankets or rugs big enough to hide at least one Ladybird or one Leader underneath it.
CD Player or mp3 player
Music CDs or mp3s


Start by asking all the Ladybirds to introduce themselves by saying, “My name is ____________ and I’m a Ladybird.” The Leaders also introduce themselves by saying for example, “My name is Katherine and my name as one of the Leaders in Ladybirds is Coccinella.” The other Leaders do the same calling themselves the different Ladybird Leader names i.e. Rainbow, Adalia, Cavia, Thea (depending on how many Leaders you have). Explain that, when in Ladybirds, the Ladybirds should try and remember to call the Leaders by their Ladybird names rather than their usual names.

• Get one of the Senior Branch members or Leaders to take two blankets/rugs and get the Ladybirds and Leaders to run in a clockwise direction
• When the music stops everyone including the Leaders crouches down and tucks their heads into their knees
• The Leader covers one Ladybird and/or one Leader with the blankets/rugs and the others have to guess the name of the Ladybird under the blanket/rug and the proper name e.g. Coccinella for the Leader who is under the blanket/rug
• If they start guessing correctly every time, you could try covering two Leaders and/or two Ladybirds at the same time
• The game continues until every one of the Leaders (i.e. 3 or 4 depending on how many you have) has been identified by their Ladybird Leader name by the Ladybirds

Before the meeting finishes, ask the Ladybirds to name each of the Leaders with their Ladybird Leader names and see can they remember who is who.


  • adalia
  • cavia
  • coccinella
  • IGG
  • rainbow
  • Thea

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