IGG DISCOVER: Now you’re a Ladybird Guide 01

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Discover the different Branches of the IGG family


Print out template in attached file – you will need a strip of 4 Promise badges per Ladybird
Colouring pencils/markers


This challenge will show Ladybirds that they are part of IGG family of Guiding.

Talk to the Ladybirds about the different Branches;
• Is their big sister / cousin in Brownies?
• Have they met Guides at a Thinking Day Ceremony?
• Do Senior Branch members help at their Ladybird Unit?
• Explain that there are four Branches for girls i.e. Ladybirds, Brownies, Guides and Senior Branch

Then give each Ladybird one strip of 4 Promise badges and ask them to colour them in the four colours.

When finished call out the name of the Branch and ask the Ladybirds to hold up the right colour badge.


  • Branches
  • colouring
  • IGG
  • IGG Family

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