IGG DISCOVER: Now you’re a Ladybird Guide 04

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Take part in a ball game


2 Hula Hoops
1 or more bags of balls from ball ponds (light plastic balls). They can be bought in two colours to add to the excitement


Take part in a ball game.

• Divide the Ladybirds into two teams – one each side of the hall
• Each team lays a hula hoop on the ground and puts 20 balls inside it
• Aim of the game is to have the Ladybirds take as many balls as they can from the hoop of the opposing team, bringing them back to their own team. They cannot stop the other team from taking their balls
• The team with the most balls at the end of a given time is the winner!
• Or if you are using two colours, a colour for each team – the winner is the team with the most of the other team’s balls


  • coordination
  • IGG
  • teamwork

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