IGG TRAIL BLAZER: Compulsory Challenge 4 TEAMWORK

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Evaluate the importance of voting and,using your vote,hold a mock election/referendum in your Unit.
The Guides will gain a greater understanding on the importance of voting and using your vote.


Paper for Ballot cards
Shoebox with a slot on the top for Ballot box


Ask the Guides to research the history of voting in Ireland and the reasons why it is important to vote.

At the next meeting they can present their findings to the other groups.

Hold a mock vote, ask the Guides to come up with a topic to vote on, examples could include favourite game to play at Guides, favourite food, where they want to go on a day trip etc.

Have an area or a voter’s booth where Guides can complete their Ballot card in private and put their Ballot in the Ballot box.

Once everyone has had a vote, arrange for the votes to be counted to determine the winner.

Make sure the policy then goes into effect: the favourite game is played, the favourite food is eaten or the day trip planned etc.

Debrief: Why is voting important? How do you feel when you voted for the side that lost or that won?

Source: Enchanted Learning www.enchantedlearning.com/election/mockelection/


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