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7. Take part in an activity with other Branches of the Irish Girl Guides


Activity dependent


To show the Brownies the connections within the Irish Girl Guides and explain the Guiding family.

Brownies always enjoy meeting up with other Branches of the Irish Girl Guides. So why not organise (at a District or Area level) an outing or a World Thinking Day ceremony?

Enrolments and flying up ceremonies are also a good way to bring all Branches together.

Or the Brownies could choose to invite some local Units to visit their meeting. You could get the Brownies to do the invitation cards. Try and get the Brownies involved at some level in the planning for the event.

You could also bring your Brownies to attend a National event where they will meet many Units from around the country.

The choice is yours!


  • Brownie Challenge 2018/2019
  • IGG
  • meeting other branches
  • Outings

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