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Take part in a fire drill at your Unit meeting and demonstrate what to do if clothes catch fire (Stop, Drop, Roll)




This activity will teach your girls what to do in a Fire Drill, where the assembly points are and what to do if their clothes catch fire.

Fire Drill: Explain to the Brownies what a fire drill is. Discuss the importance of leaving your meeting place in a calm orderly fashion and going to the assembly point. Alert the Brownies to the fire! (If you use a whistle – continuous short sharp blasts). When all the Brownies have assembled outside, check that everybody is present. When you return to the meeting place, discuss with the Brownies what was good about the fire drill and what could be improved upon. Repeat the procedure a second time and again a couple of weeks later without giving any warning.

Clothes on Fire: Explain the importance of Stop, Drop and Roll if clothing is on fire. Brownies walk around the room, listening for instruction.

When Brown Owl says:
• STOP – Brownies Stop
• DROP – Brownies Drop to the Floor
• ROLL – Brownies Roll on the Floor
• FIRE – Brownies run to Six corner
(or other designated assembly point)

Each time the last one to obey an instruction loses a life.


  • emergency
  • fire drill
  • Fire Safety
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