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Recognise your county flag/colours and draw the Irish National Flag and explain the meaning of the colours (National and County Flags)


1 copy of worksheet in attached file per Brownie


The Brownies should be able to recognise their county flag / colours and their national flag through this activity. Below are some facts which you can share with your Unit about the national flag. Leaders can also share local information with the Brownies about their county flag if known.

Using a flag or an image of the Irish national flag. Show the Brownies the different colours which are in the Irish national flag. The green in the flag represents the native Irish people. Orange represents the supporters of William of Orange who settled in Ireland a long time ago. The White is the peace between the two cultures.

Most of the county flags have only two colours, the county flags come from the colours of the county GAA teams.

More information about the county flags is available from GAA website: www.gaa.ie/about-the-gaa/provinces-and-counties/about-county/county-colours/

The Brownies can fill out the colouring sheet on the next page after learning about the different flags.


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