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List the information that should be left with a babysitter when parents are going out (Childminding Information Activity)


Materials Needed
Flip Chart paper and markers.


Ask Patrols to draw up a form which could be completed by parents to give all the information that should be left with a child minder.
Compare the forms of each Patrol.

The form might include such information as: Contact numbers
-Time parents expect to be home
-Childs bedtime
-Any rules regarding TV, homework, friends calling, snacks, diet etc
-Medical problems
-Is the bedroom door closed and lights to be turned off.

Childminder Responsibilities.
Ask the Patrol to write down 10 responsibilities of childminders. Compare with the following.

1. Always tell your own parents the name and address and phone number of the family for whom you are babysitting.
2. Don’t babysit if you are ill.
3. Arrive in plenty of time and talk to the parents and writ down anything relevant.
4. Ensure parents leave their contact details in case of emergency.
5. Don’t leave the house at any stage while the parents are out.
6. Nothing must interfere with your responsibilities as a childminder, and at any stage the children need you, your homework must be set aside or TV turned off to care for them.
7. Don’t smoke or drink.
8. Make sure that any heater or fire is guarded.
9. If you are listening to music make sure you can hear the child.
10. Make a quite check on babies every half hour and older children every hour.
11. Only use phone for emergency.
12. Do not invite your friends to join you.
13. Respect the privacy of the parents.
14. Leave the house as it was when you arrived.
15. Give as much notice as possible if you need to cancel


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