IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 04

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Follow a trail laid in wool, string or some other materials


- Ball of string
- Hazards inside: chairs, tables
- Hazard outside: Logs, use uneven ground.
- Blindfold


This is called the “Blind Trust Walk” and will help Brownies develop observation skills and trust within the group.

Lay a path by tying the string to chairs, table legs etc. It can criss cross and dip down low making it as adventurous as possible, within reason, taking into account the Brownies age and ability.

If outside, tie the line around trees crossing over and under logs and branches. Use all types of terrain.
Mark the half-way point!

Pair off the Brownies, blindfold one and tell her to hold the string and follow the trail. The second Brownie will hold the blindfolded Brownie by the elbow and guide her along, explaining when to duck down or step over hazards. When they get to the half-way point, the Brownies swap roles.


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