IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 07

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Make a bird feeder. Keep a record of the birds that visit your feeder every day for a week


- Bagels, 1 for each pair of Brownies children
- Smooth peanut butter
- Plastic knives
- String

Safety note: please check in advance if any of your Brownies has an allergy


This activity will encourage the Brownies to go out in the garden. You can see if having a bird feeder in your garden means that more birds will visit your garden.

Give each Brownie half a bagel and some string.
Get each Brownie to tie the string through the bagel before using the knife to spread peanut butter on the bagel.

Get the Brownies to bring the bagels home and hang them up on a tree in their garden. Keep a record of how many birds fed from the bird feeder.

Other ideas for Feeders

Feeder 1 Materials: pine cones, peanut butter and string.
Spread the peanut butter all over the pine cones, being sure to fill in all the little spaces. Then hang the pine cones from a branch.

Feeder 2 Materials: unsalted peanuts in shells, orange peel, strong thread and darning needle.
Tie or thread the food onto pieces of string, alternating between orange peel and peanuts.

Feeder 3 Materials: warm fat, bread crumbs, nuts/raisins, yoghurt carton and long string.
Mix the bread crumbs, nuts and raisins thoroughly in the carton. Place the piece of string in the centre of the mixture so a long piece hangs outside. Pour the warm fat in and allow to solidify. Carefully remove the carton and hang the ‘cake’ from a branch.

Feeder 4 Materials: Bag with small mesh design (from washing powder tablets/oranges/onions), bird seed/coarse grain, nuts/berries/peanuts/popcorn etc. warm fat and string.
Place all the ingredients in the mesh bag and carefully pour the fat in to bind the mixture together. The fat should be only slightly warmed.


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