IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 46

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Help organise and carry out part of a World Thinking Day ceremony


- Paper
- Markers
- Pencils


This activity will help the Brownies understand what World Thinking Day is and the importance of it in Guiding.

Get each Six to write down what they understand about World Thinking Day.

Discuss with the Brownies the type of event they would like for their World Thinking Day ceremony and how much time they will have for their part.

Your Unit might decide to invite your local Ladybird, Guide and Senior Branch Units.

The Brownies should then decide on their contribution as a Six e.g. poem, song, story, prayer.

Get the Brownies to rehearse their part of the World Thinking Day Ceremony.

WAGGGS: www.worldthinkingday.org/en/about


  • Brownie Challenge 2018/2019
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