IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 47

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Know what you need to bring to an overnight camp


- Yes and No signs
- Blu Tac to fix signs to wall


This activity will help your Brownies to know what they need to bring to an overnight camp.

Put up a Yes sign on one side of hall and a No sign on the other side of hall.

Get all your Brownies together in the centre of the hall.

Tell the Brownies you will be reading out things to bring to camp and they must decide whether they should be brought to camp or not. As you read out each item they should run to the Yes or No side of the hall as appropriate. If they don’t, they can guess or choose to stay in the centre.

Before you say the next item get all the Brownies back into the centre. Here are some sample items:
· Sleeping bag
· School uniform
· Raincoat
· Piano
· Rucksack
· Hairbrush
· Teddy Bear
· Vacuum cleaner
· Hairdryer
· Wellies
· Sit upon
· Torch

Optional: You could ask your local Guide Unit to send some Guides to one of your meetings to show the Brownies how to pitch a tent.

If you are planning to go away you could have a Pow Wow after the activity to discuss with the Brownies.


  • camp
  • packing kit
  • running game

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