IGG DISCOVER: Now you’re a Ladybird Guide 08

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Identify what a good friend is (Bracelet Making)


String or ribbon
Assorted coloured beads
Name of each Ladybird in an envelope/bag for lottery


The Ladybirds will learn how a friendship circle works and about the importance of sharing with others.


Song: The More We Share Together
(The Barney Song)

The more we share together, together, together,
The more we share together, the happier we’ll be.
‘Cause your friend is my friend and my friend is your friend,
The more we share together, the happier we’ll be.

• The Ladybirds sit in a circle
• Give each Ladybird a string or ribbon with a knot at one end
• Place containers with beads around the circle for the Ladybirds to choose from and put on their bracelet
• When each Ladybird has enough beads, she should ask the Leaders to help tie the bracelets
• Then each Ladybird picks a name out of the envelope and this is the name of the Ladybird that they will gift their bracelet to

Note: If a Ladybird picks their own name then they should put it back and pick another name.

This activity can be upsetting at the end for some Ladybirds and so try to make the handover a fun and nice thing to do.
The Leader can use this activity as an opportunity to discuss the importance of being a good friend, of sharing and turn taking.


  • friendship
  • IGG
  • sharing
  • Taking turns

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