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Take part in team building games and understand the benefits of working as a team. (Farmyard Animals)


Farmyard game
List of Farmyard animals
Matching card pairs

Find your partner game
Small blank cards for writing pairs on them


Each person is given the name of an animal with approximately three-five people having the same animal. Spread the group across a field, court, classroom, etc. No one is allowed to tell another which animal she is. At the signal each person makesthe noise of the animal that she has been given. The first group to find all of their animals and sit down are the winners.

Find your Partner
Cut out small cards with names on theme.g. 'fish' and 'chips'; 'horse' and 'cart'; 'bat' and 'ball', ‘dog’ and bone’, ‘tent and peg’ Guides pick up a card and find their partners by shouting out the word on their own card. They make a line with their partners down the centre of the room. Thiscan be repeated as required.

Alphabet Actors
Divide players into groups of three or four. The leader then calls out a letter, and the groups must then form that letter using their bodies. The groups can decide if they want to build the letters standingup or lying down. You can have the different groups spell out words as well.

Cooperation Race
Form teams of equal size. Teams think up one-syllable names for themselves.Teams line up next to each other behind a starting line. Team members place handson the shoulders of the team member in front of them. The first person in line hops one step forward. Continue down the line until the last person in line hops one step forward. She must then shout the team name. Then the whole team may hop one step forward at the same time. Repeat this process to move the team to the finishing line.Players must keep their hands on the shoulders of the team member in front of them at all times during the race. Players may move forward only by hopping one step forward with both feet at once. If a team member breaks any of the above rules, the team must return to the starting line and begin again.


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