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Know 12 things that we share with Guides around the world.
This activity will teach your girls what Guides around the world have in common –the Links of Unity.


Photocopy on coloured card one template(on next page) for every two Guides. (use mixture of paper colours if possible)
Hole punch
Split pins


Have a discussion about what we (Irish Girl Guides) have in common with other Guiding and Scouting organisations around the world.
World Flag
Promise and Law
World Badge
Motto –Be Prepared
Left Handshake
World Centres
Guide Sign
Good Turn
World Thinking Day –22nd February
World Chief Guide –Olave Baden-Powell
Founder –Robert Baden-Powell Photocopy the template provided on to coloured A4 sheets of paper (mixture of colours if possible).

Making Links of Unity ball
Cut out the strips and swap with other Guides to get a mixture of colours for their ball
Fold one strip in half to find the middle. Poke a small hold through the centre of all six strips
Poke a small hole at each end of the strip –about 2cm from the end
Poke a split pin through the centre holes and flatten the legs of the split pin to hold the strips in place
Fan the strips out in a circle
Curve the strips up one by one and poke the second split pin through the hole at the end of each strip
Once you have all the strips on the second split pin, flatten it’s legs
You have now made your ‘Links of Unity’ ball


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