IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 15

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Make a toy from recycled materials


- A single serving water bottle
- Washing up liquid
- Water
- Glycerine (if available)
- Small flat containers


This is an easy activity which will teach your Brownies that recycling is fun and simple!

· Ask your Brownies a week in advance to bring a small water bottle to the next meeting
· Make your bubble solution by mixing 1 part dishwashing liquid with 15 parts water. You can add a couple of drops of glycerine if you have it or a teaspoon or two of sugar should work too. You’ll get the best results if you make your bubble solution up the night before
· At your meeting divide the bubble mixture into the small flat containers – one per Six if possible. Now you can start blowing bubbles!

Bottle bubble blowing method 1 - Dip the mouth opening of the water bottle into the bubble solution. Remove and squeeze bottle gently. The air from inside the water bottle will push through the top and create a bubble. You can then blow the formed bubble off the top of the bottle. If you squeeze quickly enough, sometimes the bubbles will detach and float away.

Bottle bubble blowing method 2 - Cut off the bottom of the water bottle, making sure the cut is clean and even. Dip cut end of bottle in bubble solution. Blow through the mouth of the bottle to create bubbles at the end of the bottle. This method of bubble blowing does not allow for bubbles to float away, they usually pop off.

Bottle bubble blowing method 3 - Cut a small hole at the bottom edge of the water bottle, this will become a mouthpiece for blowing bubbles. Dip the bottle mouth into the bubble solution and then blow through the hole you created.

You could have a biggest bubble, longest surviving bubble or most amount of bubbles competition. This should also work with larger bottles e.g. 1 litre bottles, creating even bigger bubbles! The Brownies could personalise their water bottle bubble blower by decorating it.


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