IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 18

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Learn to spell your name in Irish Sign Language (Sign)


A copy of Irish Sign Language in file attached


This activity will give the Brownies the opportunity to communicate by means of sign language.

· Explain to the Brownies that some people around the world use sign language as a means of communication
· Allow the Brownies to look at copies of the Irish Sign Language Alphabet (on next page) and begin to learn how to spell their name using sign language
· Once the Brownies are confident in how to spell their name, you may add in additional phrases such as “What’s your name?” and “My name is....”

A selection of videos are available on Learn Irish Sign Language website including how to say a number of basic phrases: www.learnirishsignlanguage.ie/index.html

Have a discussion with the Brownies about how they found the activity.
Was it difficult having to use only your hands to communicate?


  • awareness
  • Communications
  • disabilitiy
  • IGG
  • irish sign language

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