IGG FLY: Compulsory Challenge 02

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Discuss why Guiding Units are bully free zones (Potential Scenarios)


A large sheet of card for the group
A small sheet of paper per Ladybird


The Ladybirds should understand some common bullying behaviours and be able to recognise them in themselves and others.

Sit the Ladybirds in a circle or divide them into small groups.

Read the following scenarios to the Ladybirds to start a discussion about how they would feel if they were involved in these scenarios.

-You want to join in with the other Ladybirds playing a game but they tell you to go away
-Someone invites you to their house for a play date
-Some of the Ladybirds are calling you names
-Someone shares their sweets with you
-You are going to stay with cousins or granny for a sleep over
-A Ladybird in your class is having a birthday party but does not invite you

After finishing discussing the scenarios, let the Ladybirds draw a picture of an example of bullying taking place. Depending on the age of the Ladybirds the Leader might need to write a caption to make the meaning clear. The pictures are then all to be stuck to the large sheet of paper and this paper will act as the Unit’s anti bullying contract for the year. If possible it should be displayed in the meeting area.


  • anti-bullying
  • bullying
  • IGG

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