IGG GROW and FLY: Choice Challenge 04

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Take part in a fundraising activity for a charity


Notes (to be given out at least a week in advance)
Sponsorship Cards
Colours, pencils
Colouring sheets


This is just one idea. Discuss with your Leaders some ideas that might interest the Ladybirds and encourage them to fundraise for a charity.

The Ladybirds will take part in a 5 minute silence in order to fundraise for a charity of the Leaders’ choice.

• The Ladybirds will need to be given a sponsorship card (it may be necessary to place a limit on the fundraising per child/family)
• At the previous week’s meeting they could also be told to bring a book/colouring book etc. in order to keep themselves occupied while completing the silence
• If the selected charity is appropriate it should be explained to the Ladybirds in a child friendly way what they are raising money for
• The Leader should also have additional colouring materials available for the Ladybirds while they are completing their silence

Note: If Ladybirds are seeking sponsorship they should only ask family members and not go door to door.


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  • fundraising
  • IGG
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  • Sponsored Silence

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