IGG GROW and FLY: Choice Challenge 07

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Know different forms of public transport


1 Colouring sheet for each Ladybird with pictures of train, plane, car, bike, taxi, bus (in attached file)


Talk to the Ladybirds about how they get to school, to visit their aunt/uncle etc., to go to a different country. This discussion should lead to lots of different types of transport being discussed. Explain to the Ladybirds that public transport is when anyone is allowed travel on it e.g. bus, train.

• The Ladybirds are to be given the colouring sheet. The sheet has smaller pictures of different forms of transport around the outside with a space for the Ladybird to draw herself in the centre
• Ask the Ladybirds to first draw and colour themselves in the centre of the page
• They then have to colour in all the different types of transport which they have been on before

Alternate Option
• Have enough pictures of each different form of transport
• Give A4 sheet to each Ladybird – get them to draw themselves in the centre
• Give them the pictures of the different forms of transport and ask them to glue the ones they’ve used onto the page around themselves


  • colouring
  • IGG
  • transport

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