IGG GROW and FLY: Choice Challenge 09

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Learn greeting customs from 3 different countries (The Greeting Game)


Name of each greeting
Envelope/hat for lottery


This game is called the Greeting Game and can be played in small groups or in the wider group depending on the numbers involved.

• Explain to the Ladybirds that in different countries they sometimes greet one another differently than we do
• Start by asking the Ladybirds to show how they greet one another
• Then read out each of the greetings from the countries below and ask the Ladybirds to practise the greeting
• When ready then start drawing each country out of the hat and ask the Ladybirds if they can remember the greeting from that country
• Place the name back in the hat and repeat

• Eskimo: Rub noses
• French: A peck on both cheeks
• Dutch / Swiss: Three pecks on alternating cheeks
• Irish: Shake hands
• Russian: Hug warmly
• Indian: Place hands together and bow
• Tanzanian: Shake hands three times , 1st and 3rd times Irish style, 2nd time as at the beginning of arm wrestle
• Filipino: Raise both eyebrows together while making eye contact

• Which one do they like the most?
• Why do they like that particular one?
• What does this game say about people in different parts of the world?


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