IGG GROW and FLY: Choice Challenge 16

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Learn about your unique fingerprint


1 A6 size piece of paper per Ladybird
Different coloured paints or ink pads
Pencil to write Ladybird’s name on her thumbprint


Discuss fingerprints with the Ladybirds, how everybody in the whole world has a different fingerprint. Explain that they are going to do a special finger-painting by just using their thumbs.

Let the Ladybirds create a picture of a flower using only their thumbs and different coloured paints.

When the picture is finished the Ladybirds themselves or a Leader can write the caption on the picture “made by Thumb-body Special”.

Discuss how we are all unique.

Use the fast-drying clay from craft shop, ribbon, and a matchstick.
Give each Ladybird a small ball of clay, and ask them to rub it between their hands to make a soft ball.
Press their thumbs into the ball, making the thumbprint.
Pierce a small hole (with a matchstick) before the clay dries.
Then thread the ribbon through the small hole when the clay is dry.
Each Ladybird has a ‘unique’ piece of art.


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