IGG GROW and FLY: Choice Challenge 17

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Learn how to identify community helpers




To look at the working community and the travel facilities available to people to move about in the community.

Decide on who is the bus/train driver.

Give the other Ladybirds titles or professions…e.g. teacher, nurse, accountant, vet.

The driver starts the engine and slowly starts to move. The Leader calls out the title/profession one at a time and the first Ladybird holds on to the driver. The next Ladybird holds onto the first Ladybird and the Ladybirds continue to hold onto each Ladybird until there is a long line of Ladybirds all on the bus/train until the destination is reached.

How do you get to school? Do you go to a local school or do you have to travel to another town? How many schools are in your area? (or how many different schools do the Ladybirds in the Unit go to?)

How does your Mam, Dad, older brother, sister get to work? Do they work in the local community or do they have to travel to another town? Does it take them a long time to get there?

Are there local buses in your area? What facilities are there on the bus for people with disabilities, babies or elderly people?


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