IGG GROW and FLY: Choice Challenge 23

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Take part in an indoor campfire


1 cardboard tube (use empty kitchen rolls) per Ladybird painted brown in advance of meeting or glue brown crepe paper to tubes
Crêpe paper in red, yellow and orange
Glue (optional)
Words of ‘This Little Guiding Light of Mine’


Explain to the Ladybirds that part of a campfire is to build a fire outdoors but you can also have an indoor campfire that they are going to help make. Teach the Ladybirds the song they are going to sing when they have made their campfire and explain that this song is sung by Guides all around the world.

If not using the pre-painted cardboard tubes, get the Ladybirds to glue the brown crêpe paper around the cardboard tubes. Then get them to arrange the cardboard tubes into a pile like logs on a campfire. Rip up pieces of the red, yellow and orange crêpe paper and scrunch into flame shapes. Push the flames into the pile of tubes.
Gather round the campfire and sing ‘This Little Guiding Light of Mine’.

Explain to the Ladybirds why campfires are used at camps, i.e. usually at the end of a weekend/week to get everyone together in a big group to finish off their weekend/week. Different types of songs can be sung e.g. loud songs, quiet songs.

Alternative: can be found in the attached file.


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