IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 21

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Take part in an activity to learn how to stalk a wild animal or bird


- Blindfold
- Bunch of keys
- Chair


This activity will help your Brownies to learn how to stalk a wild animal or bird.

1. Place Brownies in a circle with a chair in the middle.
2. Select one Brownie to be blindfolded and sit on the chair.
3. Place a bunch of keys under the chair.
4. Another Brownie has to try to remove the keys without being heard.
5. The blindfolded Brownie says if she can hear a noise and points to where it is coming from.
6. If a Brownie gets the keys successfully, then she gets blindfolded next.
7. Keep playing until all Brownies have had a chance to get the keys and be blindfolded.

Relate this back to how quiet you need to be to stalk a wild animal or bird. Ask the Brownies how difficult they found the game.


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  • IGG
  • Stalking
  • Wildlife

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